25 Feb. 2012 // 31 Mar 2012

EXPOSIÇÃO DE JOVENS ARTISTAS EGÍPCIOS Badawi Mabrouk | M. Ramadan | illustration

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Badawi Mabrouk
Born in 1980 in Minia, Egypt, has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Minia, and is an artist at the Ministry of Culture. Has participated in many exhibitions from 1999 to 2012, and has received many awards and various local honours.
"Based on my country and for my country, with the principle of freedom that swept the countries of the Arab spring, the first steps towards this freedom in creativity came in the city of Porto, an historic and ancient Portuguese city, with its people and its artists, and it was here that I had my experience in the Professional Edition; it is an extension of my teachers and the people of my country, in support of the
glorious revolution there and how we were trying to attain our freedom and we keep it tirelessly to a create new life in which we can enjoy the humanity that we had lost for decades, but which God wants to rekindle in our life.
This experience also stems from a genuine Egyptian vocabulary that, no matter how far I am away from it, is still inside me and represents the Egyptian spirit with which I was born and which I live to transmit to all people with love and peace."

M. Ramadam
Born in 1985, an Egyptian visual artist who graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts , Minia University, and has participated in many local and international compe-titions and exhibitions. He currently works as a teaching assistant in the Faculty of Fine Arts, Minia University, in Minia, Egypt.
"I believe completely that art is a common language that unites peoples of different tongues and races.
Although I have made many artistic experiments in fields like sculpture, ceramics, painting and photography, I have always preferred to express myself using printmaking art, especially using a burin line engraving technique. Although it is a daunting and difficult technique, it allows me to make all the lines as freely as I like, and in the end I find the print becomes a part of me, and every line of each small area is part of my soul."

“With love and peace”
Illustration Exhibition
Illustration Exhibition
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