18 Feb. 2012 // 29 Apr. 2012

Júlio Resende – The “Paris Diary” (1947-1948)

Sala de Exposições Temporárias | Temporary Exhibitions Room

Júlio Resende’s stay in Paris, where he settled from the Winter of 1947, had an enormous impact on his artistic career, as was the case with all the newly graduated artists who obtained scholarships to study abroad. It was an opportunity to make contact with an artistic world and a set of references that did not exist in Portugal.
From his time there, Resende left a small Diary, which is the subject of this exhibition.

The places he visited, the friendships he forged, the visits of family and other artists from Portugal – it is all recorded here; Resende added photographs and handwritten notes to drawings, as well as museum entrance tickets, restaurant cards, transport tickets and receipts from small hotels. He also recorded the academies and ateliers he attended, and the exhibitions he had seen. Paris was still the centre of the world, and this enabled Resende to travel from there to the south of France and to Italy, for a cycling trip through Brittany, before heading off The Netherlands, London and then to Italy again.

The Diary is a living archive, but also a place of reflection where his thoughts are recorded on the post-war era and his ideas on the artistic phenomenon. He wrote it in a notebook that bears the word Dessin on the cover - no better destination for it, then, than the Lugar do Desenho – and is a remarkable document on the beginnings of the painter’s artistic career.

This exhibition serves as a complement to what was presented in the Galeria do Acervo, opened on 23 October 2011, entitled “Caderno de Viagens”, and allows Lugar do Desenho to continue the evocation of Júlio Resende, extending the memory of his career to the Foundation’s temporary exhibition room, while preserving the intimate and everyday nature of his Parisian experience in the period after the Second World War.

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Page 1/52 Júlio Resende's The Paris Diary (seleccion)
Page 1/52 Júlio Resende's The Paris Diary (seleccion)
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