23 Oct. 2010 // 09 Oct. 2011


Galeria do Acervo | Collection Gallery

I say that painting has always been involved in the ultimate goal of serving the cause of public spaces, in the sense of ennobling them. Its function is not merely the “decoration” of a particular space, but to give it its own distinctive meaning.
Its nature as a station was respected in the confused interior space in which line crossings happen.
The aim of the station of which I am the author was to turn this lively space into a continuity of the external climate.
Given the proximity of the Zoological Gardens, I saw it as natural that animal and plant life would serve as the impetus for the treatment of the walls and floors. Exhaustive studies were done, but the execution was a work of great improvisation on the principle that no sign is repeatable!…
The tiles were made at the Viúva Lamego Factory in Sintra, where I have always found the best working and collaboration environment.

Júlio Resende
October 2010

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