23 Oct. 2010 // 25 Nov. 2010


view of some bars by IGOR STRAVINSKY, as an objective of the painter that I am

Sala de Exposições Temporárias | Temporary Exhibitions Room

It is no surprise that a painter is fascinated by music when it is revealed by the power of rhythmic reactions that are very similar to the pictorial expression supporting content full of dialectic hypotheses.
The allure of the music of Igor Stravinsky leads me, perhaps, to an audacity "for which I am not repentant..."
These are bars from “Petruska” since the ear is not shrunk to the world of the emotions.
The most fascinating aspect of these bars is the power of "elasticity" of these sounds when they follow an amazing percussion. Hence, the exaltation of life, of visions that seem credible to the unaware listener.
Admittedly, as Igor Stravinsky said, "It is music or it’s not" - the awareness of wanting to belong to his time allows for his contemporary position in the use of assonant chords and their opposite.
He emerged at the right time, feeling mainly surrounded by the painters of the time. The Ballets Russes opened the cycle of the arts with the opinions of the leaders of the moment.
The exhibition of my work is nothing more than to provide our usual friends at Lugar do Desenho with the opportunity to judge a work that was born just for that.

Júlio Resende, October 2010
Técnica mista (pormenor 1/51| 16cm X 33,33 cm)  | 2010 | 16 x 1700 cm (painel completo)
Técnica mista (pormenor 1/51| 16cm X 33,33 cm) | 2010 | 16 x 1700 cm (painel completo)
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