27 Mar. 2010 // 16 May 2010

I think, therefore I draw

Agostinho Santos

Sala de Exposições Temporárias | Temporary Exhibitions Room

Agostinho Santos’ drawings emerge from distorted human forms, since the harmony of the work does not lie in the perfection of things but in the law that governs its composition.
The distinction between perfection – the physical quality of the bodies – and harmony – the geometrical quality of the spaces – is essential when we address the work of art. When aesthetes speak about beauty, in the most accurate sense of the word, they are indiscriminately referring both to our idea of perfection and to our idea of harmony. Therefore, one could not say whether, for instance, the portrait of a woman – representing a figure with a deformed body – is beautiful or not beautiful, because it can be at the same time harmonious – the relationships between the spaces themselves are determined by geometrical qualities – and imperfect – the arrangement of the organs or the limbs, as represented in it.
The representation of the bodies and their attendant feelings, immanent qualities of the object, are well expressed in the work of Agostinho Santos. These attributes in their different consistency are reflected in the representation of these figures.
So, we are witnessing the making of the composition where the proportions of the bodies are altered. They levitate, extend in an influx that seems to project them towards infinity. It is the case of the pictures painted by Agostinho; the artist meant to create an original, evocative, enhanced world, exalted by natural forms, which does not prevent other qualities from touching the viewer.
Despite my age, we have established a fraternal relationship.
Moments of enthusiasm have been founded on hours of open-minded conversation that were the source of a deep-felt itinerary of memorable respect.

Nadir Afonso
“Woman” series (fragment), Indian ink and watercolour, 2009 | total work 14,0 cm  x 270,0 cm
“Woman” series (fragment), Indian ink and watercolour, 2009 | total work 14,0 cm x 270,0 cm
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