31 Oct. 2009 // 30 Nov. 2009

beating of wings | EBERHARD FREUDENREICH

Sala de Exposições Temporárias | Temporary Exhibitions Room

LUGAR DO DESENHO - Fundação Júlio Resende

Eberhard Freudenreich´s artwork has at its core the field of individual perception and researches its results: there is never only one view but a multiplicity of approaches for each work of art.
Now what is true for any piece of art is taken further by E.F---he develops the woodblock from print to print in a nearly metamorphotic way, there is a theme, a topic intrinsic in the first woodblock, that needs to be developed in stages and finds its realization in each print.
cutting the wood is only the first step of many in this series of woodcuts.
It is in printing that the deep connection; the inner meaning of the printer´s block appears: In order to fathom the full meaning of what was originally cut in the first round, each following print digs deeper and expands the topic, each morphs from the previous one.
The prints are an offer to co-create. The creativity of the viewer is asked, he is welcome to continue the work of the artist in adding and augmenting to the visual structure by dipping into the wealth of his own visual experience.

Dr. Ulrike Montigel

“alata 2” | xilogravura/woodprint | 150 x 210 cm | 2009
“alata 2” | xilogravura/woodprint | 150 x 210 cm | 2009
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