31 Oct. 2009 // 31 Dec. 2009

caligrafia do mar | MARTA RESENDE

LUGAR DO DESENHO - Fundação Júlio Resende

sea calligraphy

We move in space, we live in the present and we dream of eternity...
To take a photograph is to fix the moment, to try to place it in a frame to focus and shoot at exactly the right moment.
A photograph is always a memento mori, a fragment of the past whose connection to reality weakens in time, bringing with it memories, associations, interpretations...
This brings to mind LI HO, the Chinese poet, who is said to have wandered on horseback through the landscape, stopping to write a few lines and then giving them to his servant to keep in a bag...notes that he would later transform into poems.
... Wandering on the sea-shore, a camera as my servant... I discover, to my amazement, written signs in the white sand I am walking on. A harmonious script, almost black and white, traced by the gentle summer sea. Serene signs of an elegant, refined calligraphy, recalling Japanese characters on exquisite paper - SEA CALLIGRAPHY

Marta Resende, September 2009

0Z 64x85cm fotografia digital
0Z 64x85cm fotografia digital
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