28 Oct. 2006 // 15 Apr. 2007

Resende between Black and White

Júlio Resende

Galeria do Acervo | Collection Gallery

It seems legitimate to us to state that there is an almost ever-present intention in the painting of Resende in the contrast of values.
“Ribeira Negra” is the culmination of this intention; as early as the 1950s during his stay in Alentejo, a period of reflection on his experiences in Paris, he had concluded that colour should be given a subservient role. It is notable that the work then produced resulted from a structure of light and shade in an apparently Iberian evocation. Paris had been a “discovery” that freed him from doubt.
This exhibition refers to a long period of time, but makes us understand that Resende always started from the ambivalence of the Black and White extremes in his use of working techniques.

Lugar do Desenho

Black and white.
The extremes touch and do not exist without each other. Both are generous to colour.
Is there a painter who does not recognise this?
One serves Drawing as much as the other in a consistent fashion and there are artists who do not do without them as a resource or a full affirmation of their style. If painting today has been dismissive, deliberately or not, of the technological experiences of the past, so has everything else changed, in particular the products. Isn’t it true that impressionism banished black from the palette? But it is well known that black and white exercised a considerable role in the spatial function of post-impressionist painting. These issues, still important in mural painting, were raised by physical psychology. But where are white and black in observable reality? It is permissible to raise these questions in painting that conforms to this reality. Light imposes its reasons, because without it, nothing happens in the field of representation.
Alas, during my apprenticeship, deemed a judgemental one, I never transgressed. When I came into my own, I felt a kind of exhilaration when I put black in the palette; “Ribeira Negra” was then far away.

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