23 Oct. 2005 // 30 Dec. 2005

Solitude and Utopia

Francisco Laranjo

Sala de Exposições Temporárias | Temporary Exhibitions Room

The mastery of a space

Perhaps like only a few in Portuguese painting, the painter Francisco Laranjo became aware early on of the universality of the ultimate end of Art. His development was determined by such instinct and clarity that no cross-breeding tempted him in his aesthetic progression.
And the viewer has this exhibition to prove it.
All along, the conquest of a space that refuses any compromise that would adulterate It’s absolute character Is part of a surprising cosmosophy of contemporaneity.
Drawing describes In the space movements generated by unknown sources, yet in such movements all Interpretation Is governed by a universal law that finds the virtue of cohesion In opposites.
It also has to be said that Francisco Laranjo always understood that drawing, even drawing resulting from an emotional stimulus, Is the configuration of the thinking being.
The series of small drawings are presented separately as exercises with lexicological value, but his global vision emerges to our eye In a different context of expression.
This exhibition opens up a field of reflections that fit well In contemporaneous thought and that Lugar do Desenho Is delighted to host.

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