24 Sep. 2005 // 16 Oct. 2005

Building Bridges

Artistic / multicultural project developed by Portuguese elementary schools in partnership with schools elsewhere in Europe, on the works of Gino Severini, James Ensor, Júlio Resende, Louisa Mattiasdottir.

Sala de Exposições Temporárias | Temporary Exhibitions Room

Building Bridges is a multicultural European project, in which the visual arts, music and verbal communication play a structural role in the relationship and cultural exchange between schools in different European countries. Given the project’s aims and the fact that the Portuguese painter chosen for the project is our patron, Lugar do Desenho undertook to hold an exhibition, in a close collaboration with the school participating in the project, as part after all of our own cultural objectives. All credit should go to the teachers of the Augusto Leça e Monte Aventino School, who so efficiently managed the Portuguese participation in this European project.

Schools in the same age group from 4 countries exchanged information on the methods and work of a painter selected by them as representative of their country. The artists chosen were: Gino Severini / Italy; James Ensor / Belgium; Júlio Resende / Portugal; Louisa Mattiasdottir / Iceland.
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