14 May. 2005 // 19 Jun. 2005

Sérgio Lemos’ Papangús

Sérgio Lemos

Sala de Exposições Temporárias | Temporary Exhibitions Room

Sérgio Lemos is the purest ambassador of Brazilian Culture, for his overflowing character and for the affection that comes from the distance of time. The pleasure is immeasurable, just like the extent of friendship. His painting excludes measurable rigour because it exceeds the limits of the heart.
It cries out to the communion of life vibrant with joy that is a way of saying fraternity, without conventions or constraints. If your arms are sturdy take the embrace given to you. It is in the colours and the means of dissipating them, unreservedly and without contrived manners.
Spontaneity in Sérgio Lemos is a generous impulse for any man who thinks he is alone. There is no connivance in the decay of societies in these grotesque figures.
The forms and colours that they present speak to us of a harmony that becomes irresistible to the viewer.

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