24 Apr. 2004 // 31 Jul. 2004

Portalegre Tapestry

Júlio Resende

Sala de Exposições Temporárias | Temporary Exhibitions Room

Lugar do Desenho is a space for training through information. The unquestionable course that has brought the potential of Drawing to the fore in its most varied creative and technological expressions now tackles Tapestry.
Dating back to 1400 BC, it has followed the path of Man throughout time, in a demonstration of surprising technical versatility, when the nature of the material being made is acknowledged.
Amongst some prestigious tapestry production centres, that of Portalegre is worth noting, as it became famous for the discovery of a technique of its own. The universal name of “Manufactura de Portalegre” had its origins in 1948, and has since produced works by prestigious artists such as Jean Lurçat and Vieira da Silva, amongst many others.
This exhibition was made possible by courtesy of Vera Fino, Director of Manufactura de Portalegre.

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