17 Feb. 2004 // 18 Apr. 2004

Armanda Passos

Armanda Passos

Sala de Exposições Temporárias | Temporary Exhibitions Room

(...) Soon the multitudes of women appeared raising coloured dust, moving to the rhythm of drums and rattles as if arriving from a Venetian carnival.
Thus had Armanda found her step to tread in Armanda’s steps, without recourse to literature, the sustenance of so many others. Women pregnant with irony and with a disconcerting dignity.
I say “steps”, because the discourse has since continued until the endless female gallery momentarily sustained the walk to look us in the eye. Its domination cries out.
The painting of Armanda does not stop here, I recognise that. Perhaps the most important is left unsaid. That is only human as is this hug of appreciation.

Júlio Resende

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