25 Oct. 2003 // 7 Dec. 2003

Marta Resende

Marta Resende [www.martaresende.de]

Sala de Exposições Temporárias | Temporary Exhibitions Room

"It is the soul and not the hand, Man and not Technique that touches us – the more humane the message, the deeper our empathy will be ", K. Okakura

The basis of my work is in the "interface" of the objective documentation of reality and its analysis. Through analysis I establish a correlation between formal elements, structures and subjectivity. The technique of digital photography and the work of computer images are for me just a means, a phase towards large-scale oils. Oil is my preferred technique for its organic character and for its suitability for transmitting the slightest inner oscillations.
The sensual character of the material is for me essential, and it is through it that I want to reach out spontaneously without the help of an explanatory text.
Painting, I think, has to speak for itself, not only through its structure and colour but also through its surface.
Perhaps as a result of the years spent as a child in Alentejo, where the days are of a pure clarity and the nights a velvety blackness, light plays an important role in my painting.
From a thematic point of view, my work has a direct relationship with experienced moments, which have subjective/objective repercussions and might compare with a graphic record of seismographic oscillations.
I want to create an Atmosphere in my work, evoking and awakening impressions even if for that I only use a simple lit coloured surface.
Fundamentally, I aim to achieve great simplicity; an almost meditative form of expression. I do not know if I always achieve it, but maybe I can add that "the road is the target".

Marta Resende
Sept. 03

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