25 Oct. 2003 // 4 Jan. 2004

Things from another World

Cartoons by Júlio Resende

Sala de Exposições Temporárias | Temporary Exhibitions Room

"(...) "Things from another World" is a title that in its irony questions the temporal space and the wear and tear from which there is no escape. The record of these "things" is an inconclusive testimony. Furthermore, the material in this exhibition, the “things”, should be seen as "flashbacks" to a form of social behaviour, records from a good-humoured and slightly critical viewpoint that somehow animated the pages of newspapers like Jornal de Notícias and O Primeiro de Janeiro, and other youthful weeklies from the period. The exhibition reproduces some of these stories involving two charismatic characters: Matulinho, the young boy spoilt by the attention of Matulão, successive incidents raising a smile and the harmful sense of all excess (...)"

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