2 Feb. 2002 // 24 Mar. 2002

"Just Drawings"

Paula Rego

Sala de Exposições Temporárias | Temporary Exhibitions Room

Paula Rego has justifiably acquired an unquestionable universal standing and this alone would have been reason enough for us to want the present exhibition, made possible by the existing cooperation with the Arpad Szenes - Vieira da Silva Foundation and the courtesy of its director, the architect Sommer Ribeiro.
”Drawing” for Paula Rego has become a growing pivotal “means” which justifies this exhibition at "Lugar do Desenho", which we congratulate for the event.

Lugar do Desenho

For forty years, Paula Rego has followed a highly innovative path and it is no wonder that she is rated among the leading figures in the international artistic arena.
Her work has used paper from the beginning, both as a support and for collages on canvas. In 1961, for the Second Plastic Arts Exhibition at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, I was surprised by two collages: “Senhor Vicente e a sua esposa” and “Quando tínhamos uma casa de campo”. Also by two oils on paper – “Trofeu” and “Viva o ding-dong” - which had nothing to do with the trends seen in the other participants.
Her work is very personal, based on constant research and often marked by a disturbing sense of humour that often evokes her childhood memories, her fears and the violence of the world around us.
Other works are true exposures, as is the case of the Abortion series, in which she shows her outrage at the tragic situation many women still live today.
The present exhibition includes thirty drawings, which are mostly studies for paintings, and some nudes which, according to Paula Rego, are done in the fashion of the 18th Century.

As we can see, the painter never ceases to surprise us.

José Sommer Ribeiro

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