13 Oct. 2001 // 2 Dec. 2001

"Francisco Brennand – In Touch with the World"

Francisco Brennand

Galeria do Acervo e Sala de Exposições Temporárias | Temporary Exhibitions Room

Lugar do Desenho is proud to show in Portugal the painter Francisco Brennand, the most distinguished Brazilian artist and a prestigious creator of universal contemporary art.
It was out of extreme courtesy and high regard for the Foundation that Brennand has crossed the Atlantic, and it is our privilege to mount this exhibition.
We recall that in the early 1970s, when travelling in Pernambuco, the painter Sérgio Lemos took us on a visit to Brennand’s studio, lost in the vast jungle, and it was then that we realised we had been out of touch with the world… The nature of this impact not only lingered but increased on the scale of a work-in-progress which enhanced the earthy strength of each work, and the whole, in a space of 15,000 sq.m.
As early as February 2000, during a final meeting, we could not resist the utopia (...) inherent in an invitation to exhibit at Lugar do Desenho (!). The artist smiled in a positive way ...
Thus, a life project begun on the banks of the river Capibaride is reflected on the banks of the river Douro.
The meaning of this leaves us as mystified as Brennand’s smile. This Foundation is too small for a tribute worthy of such a great artist, but the simplicity of the gesture will undoubtedly convey the enormous admiration that we have for him.


Francisco Brennand – Brazil’s mythical figure

In the Pernambuco hinterland, a man creates a colossus! The creative power and telluric stature of this man has not defied nature! He has made a pact with it. Life is present both in the work and the surrounding space of the bush from which similar signs of inner impulsion emerge. As a painter, Francisco Brennand became a builder of endless spaces in which ceramics reflect his obsession with the origins of life. Submerged in the vast forest, Francisco Brennand surprises the world. Portugal will meet him and, maybe ironically, in a small space... "Lugar do Desenho - Júlio Resende Foundation". Brennand, for some reason, wished to be present… The exhibition scheduled for early November will be an unparalleled cultural event.
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