7 Sep. 2001 // 7 Oct. 2001

Austrian Drawing

7 Austrian artists

Sala de Exposições Temporárias | Temporary Exhibitions Room

One of the aims of Lugar do Desenho has been to present, within the diversity of its approaches, disciplines that drawing emphasises in the context of contemporary creation, showing individually acknowledged authors or contextualising this individuality within groups of artists whose projects are submitted to us. This exhibition falls into the second category as a way of looking at and engaging with the world which, in gathering together some plastic artists, is called the Graz Art Forum. In its open doors to confrontation and dialogue, we seek to know the origin of what we call drawing. And so we also asked the authors involved for a statement for the occasion.
We could not end without expressing our thanks to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Austria, to the Austrian Embassy in Lisbon and the Austrian Consulate in Oporto, whose cooperation in this exhibition was invaluable.

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