14 Jan. 2000 // 14 Feb. 2000

The Dimension of Drawing

Armando Alves, Francisco Laranjo, Júlio Resende, Manuel Casal Aguiar, Marta Resende, Sobral Centeno, Victor Costa and Zulmiro de Carvalho

Sala de Exposições Temporárias | Temporary Exhibitions Room

After a long tour through the various Brazilian states, culminating in Santiago do Chile, “The Dimension of Drawing" has returned, now in its original presentation. One would think of it as the layout of a vast drawing that makes an Atlantic voyage in the Portuguese fashion. The initiative won special attention from the Camões Institute, which demanded an organisation capacity whose merit lies in the vision and dynamism of Dr. Rui Rasquilho and others to whom we wish to record our thanks. Lugar do Desenho will remain resolute in this field, upholding our aim to contribute to Universal understanding.

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