10 Apr. 1999 // 15 Oct. 1999

"Drawing in Two Times"

Júlio Resende

Galeria do Acervo | Collection Gallery


History and Society have a duty to speak about the past. The works exhibited here had a specific context in my career and they should be analysed in that context. Various limitations, in particular those resulting from the political regime and world conflict, not to speak of the vaunted loneliness of a country enclosed in specific geographical conditions, would explain the cultural anachronism of the environment, often taking refuge in an outmoded mythology.
One of the works, dating from the 1930s, marks a passage along this path through the desert of ideas and unawareness of the real world beyond our borders. For me, this exhibition shows how much life has evolved in six decades.
Short of another, it will at least have this merit.

1949 | Os Cavalos e o Homem | 15,5x20,6 | Lápis de Côr
1949 | Os Cavalos e o Homem | 15,5x20,6 | Lápis de Côr
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