13 Sep. 2008//15 Oct. 2008

Drawing Breath | Respirar arte

Jane Ball, Glyn Brewerton, Graham Chorlton, John Devane, Dutton And Swindells, Vanda Harvey, Mandy Havers, Jill Journeaux, Dave King, Peter Mccarthy, Brigid Mcleer, Ranald Sherriffs, George Sherlock, Jonathan Waller e John Yeadon.

Sala de Exposições Temporárias | Temporary Exhibitions Room

Drawing Breath is the eloquent name of the exhibition that Lugar do Desenho is now showing in the programme of the Temporary Exhibition Room that, for the first time, proposes a reflection on Drawing, aimed simultaneously at the artist and the teacher of art. This also means the interpretation and understanding of Drawing.
It is in no way usual to come across this rare utterance in the international context of gallery and museum programming!
It is a privilege, therefore, for Lugar do Desenho to present these artists, to whom it wishes to pay tribute and thank them for their availability to exhibit here, as well as for their commitment to the gauntlet thrown down by Professor George Sherlock, the coordinator of the exhibition, which was made possible by the interest and will of the Director of the School of Art and Design at the University of Coventry, in the United Kingdom, Professor John Devane. Lugar do Desenho is grateful to them all.
What this exhibition is all about is its acute awareness of the responsibility of drawing and showing the result of this stance. It is not by mere chance that it features internationally renowned English artists, albeit some better known by the Portuguese public than others.
When we draw, usually for ourselves and with ourselves, it is a complex world of utterances and propositions that are being judged against an unknown achivement. To be an educator and cultivate this awareness, by showing it through a disciplined and sensitive practice, is not a task within the reach of just any artist. But it is not possible to be a good teacher if there is not a good artist in the background.
Thus, in this exhibition we are confronted by the exceptional personality of each author who has dedicated his whole life to the training of generations of other artists, who in turn play important roles in Contemporary British Art.
Drawing is the medium, the instrument and at times the beginning of everything.
Can we contemplate teaching how to discover and see, knowing where we started from and where we are going?
That is the challenge!

Lugar do Desenho
2008 | Dave King - Hedgehog | Pencil and acrylic on paper
2008 | Dave King - Hedgehog | Pencil and acrylic on paper
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