20 Feb. 1999 // 14 Mar. 1999


Amara Chagas

Sala de Exposições Temporárias | Temporary Exhibitions Room

The relationship of Amara Alves with the Arts and, in particular, with the art of the brush has nothing to do with brushstrokes on canvas or the erection of sculptures, but with the creation of Masks – some inspired in the giant puppets of the Olinda carnival, perfectly capturing the culture of Pernambuco merrymaking. However, most of her masks are drawn from characters in Popular Literature in Verse. In creating her masks, the artist uses various techniques, among which are papier mâché, newspaper and wire frames. Their covering is made with fabric and painted with acrilex. Her latest collection comprises 68 pieces, some as tall as 3 metres, of which the tableau of Arianais-Anjos, covering 4 square metres after assembly, is worthy of note. This collection was inspired by the “Mateus”, staged by Amara Chagas

Texts - "Matutos" by Aizul and Resende
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