12 Nov. 1998 // 17 Nov. 1998

"Steel and Silk Thread"

Beatriz Luz

Sala de Exposições Temporárias | Temporary Exhibitions Room

"Drawing is a cut-out, a way of organising space and therefore the world. Drawing understands the world and does not replicate it, it is a surprise, never a demonstration."

Luiz Camillo Osório

My relationship with paper is one of intimacy and affinity. As I work the image in its original state – a snapshot of form – I find in this support, in the hard brush and the paint, the materials that best suit my way of drawing. I try to conjure up that form – apparition – shed from some place or arisen from among the fibres of the paper. I have worked on this time in which forms cross the path of our eyes as flashes and remain as a “pulsating memory”. Already on the paper, they continue to move as they pass. The drawing of movement, of displacement, always aware that we draw with our body. We recall that, as we circulate through space, we draw lines – “electrocardiograms”. We see that our vision is fragmented, a vision of glimpsed forms. Forms are seen as if shown on a “screen”. We displace ourselves in space seeing everything in motion. We have trouble in understanding the static – in contemplating. This form capturing process requires inner exile, a withdrawal into within. A discipline that affords search, the attempt to rebuild the unity lost in the fractures of modernity.

Beatriz Luz
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