23 Oct // 28 Nov 2016

RUI NETO | Cerca (Fence)

Sala3 / HISCOX seguros de arte | Room3 / HISCOX art insurance

The most mediocre and weak boundary inhibits action. Even in its most precarious form, the Fence is an instrument of ownership that restricts movement inside and out of a specific property. A Fence is always about Power. About being able or not to look, about being able or not to be seen, about being able or not to walk, about being in or being out.
Made up from the remains of time, from assembled memories by circumstances, matter above matter in an unexpected and imprecise structure. It seems that the fence is drawing even before it actually is. Drawing is already present in that particular line that restrict us, also in the multiple and unstable joints which are the most fragile and crude forms of violence.
CERCA (Fence) is the last work of an investigation about urban space limits trough drawing. It will also be exhibit some previous works form the series ”Entre Linhas” (between the lines) from 2012-2013, showing a continued artistic practice.
Rui Neto
(translated from the original text about the current exhibition)

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