10 SEPT // 09 OCT

FILIPA CRUZ Nimium ne crede colori

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Giving room to doubt when facing Filipa Cruz’s artistic production, implies to get rid of “what she questions” to, on the contrary, “How does she manifests herself?” as a statement.
Filipa’s work questions neither the limits of a medium nor the space of text. She positions herself in a place of modest statements, or, more precisely: in a place of declarations which can use methods of love letters — where we wanted “to say it all”— like a muteness —where talking is in trouble to become speech.
[Objects] Being on the floor or on paper, they become presence in space.
Artist establishes a commerce with forms that she lands, either regular volumes or industrial typographies, transforming its neutral coefficient into a symbolic dimension.
However, object-symbol should not stay still, as a discovery. It will be dissolved immediately by systematic repetition of screen printing and mirror.
Casas (houses), appear as a childish abstraction of a habitat, unfolding the limits of symbol.
Filipa brings us to light the double of language within language, escaping this way from the embarrassment of unspeakable. In her work everything is double, from the houses-letters to the houses-volumes. Either reflection or copy, the story is accompanied by his associated, his non-identical.
Elias Gama Paez

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