10 SEPT // 09 OCT

PASCAL FERREIRA Cordilheira (mountain range)

Sala de Exposições Temporárias | Temporary Exhibitions Room

...mountain landscape has that universal overwhelming, within its time that it is not like ours. Blunt and generous territory in its great magnificence, abounding raw material supposedly inert, diverse in its colourful garments, bold in scale variations, almost infinite consecutive plans, several accidents creating a unique apparatus, relating atypically between distances.
Creating mountain landscapes is trusting in action, moving forward through clear path because it never renounces from being landscapes, and mountains even less. It is an organic representative system: an intricate of several lines and volumes where the tiniest touch of light causes luxurious contrasts, where the organization of elements changes endlessly and the contours swing through random decisions, as if responsibility belongs to the wind. Where error can naturally occur, accepting it as a reference and still be traveling through an amount of questions that soon will rest in a fertile place...
Cordilheira (mountain range) develops in the sequence of an intuitive work method, legitimised over the past few years. In this process, the mountain landscape achieved a metaphoric importance, recycling each time the idea of primordial place. Representing specific weather conditions and climate phenomena increases from now on other relations between volume and movement, revalidating the fruitful game between drawing and sculpture.


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