14 MAI // 26 JUN 2016

EMA M | Le Deviner Fable du Monde

Sala de Exposições Temporárias | Temporary Exhibitions Room

GUESS THE WORLD AS A STORY is a set of 60 drawings that constitute Ema M’s solo display for the Temporary Exhibition Room of the Place of Drawing / Foundation Júlio Resende, which opens on the 14th of May of 2016.
These 60 drawings are made with Indian ink on sheets with 14x13in. Made intentionally for this place, the installation shows how their sequence follows the concept of cycle and of series, simultaneously. It is a cycle because of the visual fiction that forges the birth, growth and death of an imagined tree throughout the seasons. It is a series by continuousness that the representation of the living thing admits, that is, ad infinitum, and in continuous renewal; but also because of the consistency of the technical process involved in the making of this drawings: self-absorbed, insisting on the same type and size of paper and drawing instruments. It is the variation of the mark – graph – both as text and as draw, and as a way to mingle words with images that say and show, which makes this imaginary tree to exist, page by page. By the registration of speech with words written, by referring to the narrative (and the visual poetry) without leaving the territory of the drawing, this circuit also includes two logics of time: the chronological with its linear and sequential sense, and the cyclical and seasonal time with no beginning or end.

Ema M, Le deviner fable du monde, 2015
Le Deviner Fable du Monde nº45,indian ink on paper coral book, 36x34cm
Le Deviner Fable du Monde nº45,indian ink on paper coral book, 36x34cm
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