23 Jan. 2016 // 28 Feb. 2016

TIAGO MADALENO | “from mouth to sprout"

Sala3 / HISCOX seguros de arte | Room3 / HISCOX art insurance

“I am starting to think the result of growth movement as something constant and repetitive. As if every time you put the suitcase in that particular position, with the sun focusing in a certain way, the plant had the same reaction. Its body would always twitch similarly, in its struggle for sunlight. As if there were a model within the organic. As if the movement of growth, such as the salmon fighting for life, up the river, or the Mexican beans jumping to escape from the concentrated heat, this craving to move, to escape, projecting space up in violent contortions, in brave vitality spasms, resulted in an organized choreography, an existing map, a draft previously projected. Confusing the dance with the real, the pain with the chest.”

(Notebook I – 19th of July of 2014)

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