23 Jul. 1998 // 4 Aug. 1998

"About the Blue – Beaches from this side of the sea"

Sala de Exposições Temporárias | Temporary Exhibitions Room

Art teachers in Brazil have demonstrated the capacity to fight for art to have a guaranteed place in the school curriculum. The flagrant paradox arises when the quality of this teaching is evaluated. Why is this happening? The factors are innumerable, and it is not my place to analyse them here. I will only say that specialist art teachers, particularly after Froebel, see art as indispensable to learning and the development of the learner. For them, art is like a process through which people learn about themselves and the world around them. This project involving four schools in Pernambuco - Colégio Apoio, Escolinha de Arte do Recife, Escola Expoente Centro Educacional and Escola Arquipélago de Fernando de Noronha - confirms, at every stage, that art is indispensable for the healthy growth of the senses, the imagination and the intelligence of the individual. It also confirms that the images of the Portuguese tiles brought to the eyes of the children and young people involved a comprehension of the vastness of the ocean in its many aspects – from the geo-physical and socio-historical to the complexity of the icons present in it. The "re-reading" of the Portuguese tiles presented here does not simply occur through the narrative or force of infantile expression, but mostly by the way each was able to see, select details, deconstruct forms to construct his own image of the blue, the beaches from this side of the sea.

Sebastião Pedrosa
Lecturer at Pernambuco Federal University and Director of the Recife Art School
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