3 JAN 2016 // 16h00


Sala de Exposições Temporárias | Temporary Exhibitions Room | (2€)

Beasthunters are Paulo Mesquita (piano) and Ulas Aksunger (percussion). They are the latest of a lineage of stouthearted watchful professionals set out to hunt fearful beasts. If we are lucky to have never faced any, we sure owe that to their astounding feats. Their music is a perfected craft used to chase their preys. Through a powerful dialogue among a variety of landscapes and a plurality of styles, Beasthunters' sound will definitely play havoc with those remnant beasts in the wild. Created in the beginning of 2015 in The Netherlands, Beasthunters is an unforeseen joint venture between a Portuguese pianist from the highbrow classical music scene, who feeds a jazz feeling and a passion for improvised music, and a German-Turkish percussionist that calls the shots in world music and all types of styles. Mesquita's musical partnerships are always an opportunity to see and hear the pianist and multi instrumentalist exploring new fields, in addition to those emerging in his solo career. In his music he approaches the piano as a total instrument for taking full advantage of the keys, strings and reverberating woods and iron components. Aksunger is a multifaceted musician experienced in jazz environments, folk traditional ensembles from Turkey, and dance classes accompanist at Codarts. He has unique set ups of percussion and drums played with hands, fingers and sticks. His groove and sounds are infectious.
Beasthunters (2015, NL)
BEASTHUNTERS | The Netherlands 06/2016 |  photo by CATARINA ALMEIDA
BEASTHUNTERS | The Netherlands 06/2016 | photo by CATARINA ALMEIDA
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