24 Oct. 2015 // 22 Nov. 2016

BÁRBARA FONTE | reversibility

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The value of finitude, in the "being" and the "flesh", operates on the principle of irreversible. But reversibility occurs in a mystical time and places the sleepwalk movement between the cradle and the grave in a circular and continuous process. A place where there is no center of identity but an intention of distant contemplation of life, in which the being moves in dialogue with divergent identities and with the ambiguity of the flesh. This principle creates value in the power of "infinite being" - labeled as primitive or primordial, without, however, refer to any point of origin. Thus the body, stated in a space antithetical to the reality, is in constant transition between a physical and metaphysical being. A rite is imposed, with the potential of sacred act, in the transfer of the ordinary to another dimension of existence. The drawing lies between the union of the myth of finitude and the reversibility of the rite.

Bárbara Fonte

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