24 Oct. 2015 // 22 Nov. 2016

ISABEL SABINO | Rivers are born in the sea

Sala de Exposições Temporárias | Temporary Exhibitions Room

Saying that these landscapes are just territory is so ungrateful as to parcel the sea and rivers, because the interior and mental feature of these landscapes or their bucolic accent don’t imply it’s a portrait, as much as an elegy of a certain natural space. If there is poetic potential (...) for allegory, it clearly deviates from the close relationship with nature. Moreover, what matters here is not nature but the world, significant moments in the world that expands and weakens. In such a world, where every day ties are broken and wildly multiply, can fit even more vulnerable kingdoms, like the one that Sophia also speaks about, "the one that everybody for oneself finds and conquests, the alliance that each one weaves." And if this kingdom lives in the perfect forms of ancient clay amphorae, perhaps painting can continue to provide access to a connection of things.(...)
Here, this time, the issue I put myself in the preparation of the following story - slowing down the pace and perhaps back into a reflection and re-elaboration stage where the drawings are essential - is to figure out how humanist and eventually political potential (for now only viewable by clichés that do not interest me at all) can be worked, trapping look and emotions by pictorial means.

Isabel Sabino, 2015
Quel bon dimanche pour la saison | 2014 | acrílicos sobre tela | 125x195 cm
Quel bon dimanche pour la saison | 2014 | acrílicos sobre tela | 125x195 cm
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