4 Jun. 1998 // 30 Jun. 1998

"Paranambuco Terra Brasilis"

Ana Veloso; Chico Dantas; De Lima; Luciano Pinheiro; Marcos Cordeiro; Montez Magno; Sérgio Lemos; Thina Cunha

Sala de Exposições Temporárias | Temporary Exhibitions Room

The Doors of a Place
Opening the doors to the Friends from across the Atlantic is a gesture that for us was never pragmatic. This does not signify indifference, much less lack of appreciation for who they are and what they represent in a vanguard of tropicality based on fair play that clarifies its universal content.
Throwing open its doors, Lugar do Desenho has become today an Atlantic place, if it wasn’t already... Our "Dimension of Drawing" has toured in many Brazilian states, as a signal of closeness and we can say with propriety that the presence of Pernambucan artists here reflects that aim.
Rising above agreements and treaties to achieve socio-economic or political understanding that is mostly circumstantial, Art hovers on a horizon that is its own. This horizon has one name, one word: Fraternity.

Lugar do Desenho
Ana Veloso | 1998 | Engenhos | 50 x 70 cm
Ana Veloso | 1998 | Engenhos | 50 x 70 cm
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