9 may | 31 jul. 2015

PEDRO ROCHA | unrealistic drawings

Sala de Exposições Temporárias | Temporary Exhibitions Room

The group of drawings that is shown unveil self-independence, not because these drawings stand before or after a painting, as a preparation work or a final result that is frequently called “work on paper”, having reduced shapes and values and being more easily trade. Instead, these works aim to explore the prevailing use of abrasive mediums.
The genesis of these drawings presumes an heterodox look over trivial aspects of daily fife, objective and external realities on its road to a fictional reality. Seasoning real truth with imagination, taking a rectification method between attention and bewilderment – generating new synthesis of imprecise character.
Deep down, two aspects hard to incorporate collide. On the one hand, realism notion that came from an historic and philosophic outlook, based on stylistic elements aspiring the representation of reality close to the eye. On the other hand, the collapsing naturalistic evidence by the progressive loss of reference as well the constant pursuit adopted by ultimate reality, arising from modernity.
Facing the impracticability of delimitating boundaries, all possible combinations of notions come to pass. Between abstraction and hyper-figuration, between intuition and rationality, between simulacrum and invention, matures the boundlessly plasticity of the unrealism notion.
In line with this, it is strengthen the lucidity of these images; unrealistic drawings.

Pedro Rocha

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