7 MAR. | 03 MAI. 2015

ISABEL QUARESMA | end and pick

Sala3 / HISCOX seguros de arte | Room3 / HISCOX art insurance

In room number 3 at Lugar do Desenho, I chose to bring a collection of work that are part of my most recent studies on the field of interception between drawing and textile mediated by the body. The name of this piece denominates this exhibition – Um Sim Um Não ( End and Pick). This title reflects the alternate movements of a weaving loom that is responsible for the weaving of a warp and weft that build a fabric.
These repetitive and obsessive movements are the same movements as by the exhibited drawings are constructed. In fact, the procedural acts of textile construction possess obsessive and addictive qualities. These provoke the tension that makes us enclosure in processes that unwind within themselves and the same tension that drags us to them. These processes are executed in a slow and repetitive manner that carries out the construction of a piece, millimeter by millimeter, point by point, lasso by lasso.
Repetition is therefore associated to the maintenance of a rhythm, and it is through the repeated gestures of the process that a textile surface is constructed. In opposition to a vision of authorial drawing that recognizes a unique irrepetible image, the gestures associated with textile cannot be detached from an impulse for automatic repetition. These gestures inform drawings, without any privileged point-of-view, of a monocular vision, but a progression in an open haptic space. Isabel Quaresma



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