24 JAN. | 01 MAR. 2015

JORGE MARQUES | from the center and around

Sala3 / HISCOX seguros de arte | Room3 / HISCOX art insurance

This series of drawings take up some of the problems of the series On the edge, presented
in 2013.
They are drawings that touch the limit idea as a drawing circumstance.
The limit of what can be a drawing, on the stroke, on the surface, in the look that observes,
in the gesture that produces it.
From the Centre and Around, functions as a semantic extension of the drawing itself - the
cut, the gesture, the stroke, the matter where the body will ultimately make an impression.
The first drawing was the production of a circle of light on the wall as an analogy of a drawings
origin. No longer as a projected shadow but as matter which reveals the drawing - from
where the cut out drawing is extracted in the light. On the wall a shadow is still revealed.
Beside, the shadow touches the limit of the circle of light. The drawing wins tactile expression
of the surface where it is cut.
From this enunciation the drawing was disputing the conceptual circumstances, materials,
time and perceptive of its own limits. Are minimal drawings, are cuts, lines, surfaces. Are
drawings in parts. Are drawings also around drawing. (What is drawing?)

(J.J.M) JAN.2015
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