25 Oct. 2014 // 29 Dec. 2014


Sala3 / HISCOX seguros de arte

Drawing that marques destinations. This is the subsequence of a path which emerges endless. Lands Project now reveals the norm of the loss. The matter that is hidden from our eyes. In fact, the constant impermanence and this hidden state, which happens all the time, but imperceptible, supposing it’s not there.

Lands Project shows us fragments of environments before they decay and become other. Are visions, which by their ephemeral existence, escapes our clear understanding, but they are the way to another occurrence.

In music, Fade, is the moment when the sound dissolves. It doesn’t establish that disappears, but it turns into another inaudible sound to our perception. It's the place to other geometries and organizations. Intrudes other harmonies. Conceals mathematical provisions of sounds that are not heard, and natures that metamorphose. All abdicate by mutation and not by absence. The concordance of this new reality is only necessary when one renews in to another. We do not have present this impermanence, but we know it. Fade is the moment that precedes this passage. One truth gives space to another truth. It is the opportunity to witness the moment that leads to another composition, another plan. If we unite ourselves with this image we risk to not accept the following representation, but it will happen again in Fade (in). It is the beauty of inconstancy. It is the on going unravelling passages designed from the centres to the whole.

Structural lines that bounce and confuse the values, as events that alter the chimera. Nothing is distinct and this attempt to untie can only bring turmoil. Perpetual movements of inconstant spaces. Detached from space-time. Therefore without measures, only perennial moments occult.
Colours made of lines reveal places that merge with other codes, and expose themselves to where our spirit spans. Drawing with destination creates designs, where everything opens again and again. He is the Verb, invents the moment, the place that creates Everything / Nothing.
Susana Chasse | 2014

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