12 Jul. 2014 // 12 Oct. 2014



DRAWING PROJECT comprises a group of practical exercises that test the assumptions of representation of a space non-placed or “non-place” (Augé, 2005). Having as a study object the space of Campanhã Railway, these drawings connect questions like mobility, drawing of setting, diverted use of stroke and set up rhetoric games among other strategies of drawing.
The interest in this project turns, mainly, to the study of the instrumental conditions related to the production of the drawing: on the one hand, the determinants of representation system conventions in the layout (as perspective, geometry, etc.); on the other hand, the differentiated nature of the design materials which can be explored in different procedures dynamics (with more or less intensity, with more or less opacity and lucidity.
The intention is to make known a joint of representations of sequence of space traversed by the body and using the material articulations built a reality which confirms itself by the successive identifications of the form. Thus, it is an open work in which poetics are developed by analogies, oppositions, similarities, connotative games, design languages…
DRAWING PROJECT was also the basis for a larger study that problematizes the representation of spaces not placed – (UN) DRAW THE PLACE.

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