12 Apr. 2014 // 22 Jun. 2014

At a critical state | MARIA LUÍSA ABREU

Sala 3 | Room 3

From a research on types of organization and indexation (regarding formations as piles, heaps, bales, bundles ...), came "at the critical state of the organization," a moment of this study specifically pointing to the heap of sand. It does not possess a consistent and objective form and it seems to be formed by the laws of random, but, however, the heap is covered by physics as an organized organic rhythm, which reveals studies both on its formation and its destruction. Since the critical point is its attraction point, the heap of sand inevitably walks towards a state of entropy, with the constant loss of information up until the absolute rupture of its system.
To recognize a method in its formation and existence denounces its entire subjectivity.

Maria Luísa Abreu

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