18 Jan. 2014 // 23 Mar. 2014

(1) A fable (2) a fantasy (3) bestiary | Ana Jacinto Nunes

Sala 3 | Room 3

(1) Fable (from the Latin word fabula meaning “history, game, narrative”, literally “what is said")[1] are an agglomeration of literary compositions in which characters are animals bearing human characteristics, such as speech, manners, etc. These stories end with a moral teaching with an educational purpose.[2][3] It is a very versatile genre, since it allows several ways to approach a given subject.

(2) Fantasy is a situation imagined by an individual or a group that that has no basis in reality but expresses certain desires or objectives by its creator.

(3) Bestiary is a type of literature describing the animal world – the beasts – quite common in the medieval monastic classes. These were handwritten catalogues executed by catholic monks who collected information on both real and fantastic animals, such as the appearance, the habitat in which they lived, the kind of relationship they had with nature and their diet. Most bestiaries were written during the early Middle Ages and were accompanied by a moralizing message.

Such as a fable, my work also aims at being a story, a game or a narrative. An agglomeration of pictorial compositions that may not be reduced to its elements. In my bestiary, the human figure is used to represent animals. I try to expose the values with which we struggle and classify on a daily basis, showing their timelessness. However, amoral and agnostic, my fantasies commune among themselves and (hopefully) with the viewer not only through the content but also through the form.
The use of fibres as the basis of my work results in an empathic experience with the surrounding means.
The use of fibres shaped as fabric comes forward from the desire not to condition the artistic creation of works due to their size or due to the difficulty of transporting and storing them. Although the "felt tiles" panel is monumental in size (like the panels of the churches of the 16th century), it becomes intimate in the seclusion and restraint in an area where any conversation whispered or melody played will be absorbed as if woven into the fibres themselves, from where it will never leave, thus becoming an integral part of the work.


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