26 Out. 2013 // 05 Jan. 2014


Sala 3 | Room 3

In this recente exhibition, 2view, Gabriel and Gilberto Colaço return to the joint creation process for the conception of a panel of models, whose structures are deviated from the perception that the architectural territory has accustomed us to.
These small constructions, in groups, suggest a new space, a project of architectural platform of an urban area similar to a slum. In this context, the chaotic and frail junction of materials is cleansed by the simplicity of colours, which label the set with an immaculate sense. Structures are melted with graphics, whose variety of themes takes us to references of free association. These end up working as a whole to support the allusion to a new territorial domain.

Gabriel Colaço | Gilberto Colaço
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