29 Jun. // 22 Oct. 2013


Sala 3 | Room 3

Images come and go in our minds as if they were reflections in agitated water. They are consequences of moments and places that marked, generated feelings, which hold us. They are connections created by some type of emotional impact and that also shape the essence of individuality. There’s something potentially vulnerable in that, because our perception feeds on the reality where it lives in memory and on the reality that is constantly capturing the present.
Exploring the space of memory is a way of perpetuating stories, as when they are passed on from generation to generation. Their description or reconstruction forces us to succumb to an inevitability of the creation of a parallel between reality and distortion. They are imperfect representations of a past that is altered, fragmented, rebuilt and reinterpreted in time.
These works want to depict a struggle against the feeling of forgetfulness and an acceptance of the sense of distorted past. It is making that past into something tangible to spectators, a sharing of complex details and memories.

Catarina Lira Pereira
On the Side
On the Side
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