29 Jun. // 22 Oct. 2013

Projections 2013

Sala de Exposições Temporárias | Temporary Exhibitions Room

Providing continuity to the joint initiative between Lugar do Desenho – Fundação Júlio Resende and Subunidade Orgânica de Desenho of Faculdade de Belas Artes da Universidade do Porto, we show you this year a selection of works created by students of the curricular unit of Drawing Practices, enrolled in the third and fourth years of the degree.

Similarly to last year, during the show Projeções 2012, the tone of the work and, generally speaking, the initiative is reminiscent of the idea that Drawing is an autonomous activity but, simultaneously and in some authors, as an area of research linked to other disciplines of the Fine Arts and with different languages and means of visual expression.

Therefore, one will be able to find “traditional” approaches to drawing or the appropriation of images, works in which performative and/or procedural aspects are privileged and emphasized regarding the merely visual results, where the use of photography, software or printing techniques have a preponderant role in the formation of results or, for instance, in which languages and methods of sculpture and architecture are reassessed, used and exploring on a drawing level.

Pedro Maia, June 2013
PROJECÇÕES2013 [Drawing for FBAUP]
PROJECÇÕES2013 [Drawing for FBAUP]
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