20 Apr. // 15 Jun. 2013

PEDRO SEQUEIRA Cair Horizontal

Sala 3 | Room 3

The piece Cair Horizontal (Fall Down Horizontally), for Lugar do Desenho, comes together within a context of an ample work, an opportunity of something to emerge, now with greater attention to drawing, an interference or attention to a device that promotes that discipline as a voluntary action. For this presentation, I produce an arrangement where I reuse some moments of what I have been assembling for a year now, of the materials that I have been selecting and bringing for the studio, so that I may experiment with them solutions that allow my ideas to gain breathe and body.
I now present an arrangement of what once were individual elements, material to work ideas: a carpet that used to cover the floor of a small shop, a piece of blinds that once covered and uncovered the sunlight at a house, three broke-in doors, left as garbage, and twenty objects of carbon paper (1st copies), cut twenty time with a hole punch set out in a line. In this composition, there is a repetition effect, a mirroring effect, from one side to the other of the piece, as if both were one and the same or the reflection of the other or as if, there, the same situation happened twice, with variations in materials, formed from implicit gestures or actions. At the wall, there is a graphical mark of a duplicated form, stamp engraved (carbon paper), the duplication of the initial gesture.
Cair Horizontal (Fall Down Horizontally) is to tip when we have already adopted a fallen position before falling or the redundancy, as saying rising vertically, since when we raise it is always vertically and rising is, per se and human condition, a movement towards verticality.

Pedro Sequeira, 28.03.2013


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