12 Dec. 1997 // 15 Feb. 1998

"Signs in Space and Time "

Júlio Resende

Sala de Exposições Temporárias | Temporary Exhibitions Room

I often ask myself when and what happens to me in this act of communicating that has as its physical support the wall, the canvas or some paper. To what forces does the gesture that conveys this mark answer? Which of the two, from the possible duality resulting from instinct and reason, is surmounted by the other, as I can hardly accept that one dispenses with the other. We recognise that transmissibility of the instinctive act requires a support helped by Reason, or rather, by a reason.
This is the key that allows us to understand and profit from the discourse.
The collection that comprises this volume infers a sense that flows over a period of time and through different geographic situations.
According to my wishes and with my acquiescence as a result of Bial’s persuasion, these direct notes from those situations largely witness this uncontrollable instinct, I would say, of a particular way of life, involving the whole of the senses. The diversity of the solutions is explained by the weather and the geography. The link that will help identify them will consequently be this impetus that makes reason my reason. No other conclusions, particularly speculative, should be drawn from this exhibition, since this summary of a kind of “Personal Diary” would not warrant it. If it has some merit it lies in the confidential tone I use, in the writing and the drawing, which combine to create a manifesto of a way of profiting from Life of which I leave a pallid and inconclusive testimony.
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