27 Oct. 2012

Room 3 | Inauguration

Sala 3 | Room 3

These days, Drawing is a constantly changing field. Understanding these changes involves careful observation, based on a plurality of criteria, themselves in constant construction. In such a plural context, with many ramifications supported by a huge variety of practices and discourses, it is difficult to isolate the aspects that constitute the symptoms of modernity in drawing.
However, there are two aspects that seem to be significant in their characterisation of its new landscapes: one is the impact of digital technologies and of temporal media as mediators of drawing; the other is the radical change in the relationship with other artistic, scientific and performance fields. These changes not only affect the practice of drawing, they also alter the contexts in which it is received.
The "room" thus arises from the desire to create a space in the Júlio Resende Foundation – Lugar do Desenho aimed at the exhibition and exploration of new possibilities attempted by drawing as an artistic practice, in the conviction that in this way one of the functions that Júlio Resende himself saw in drawing comes to pass: a place of provocation where uncertainty becomes creative.
In its capacity as an emerging space, but also a laboratory, the "room" takes drawing as the liminal model for exploring a wide variety of materials and processes, including time, space, sound and light.
More than an observation post, the "room" is intended to be an agent provocateur in the discussion of artistic projects that take drawing as a model of an expanded field, as a liminal practice, situated between artistic disciplines and areas of knowledge.
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