27 Oct. 2012 // 13 Jan. 2013


Sala 3 | Room 3

“TRAP” is presented in a context focusing on the idea of restriction. Its definition, as meaning, refers to a device whose purpose is to catch hold of, restrain a body, depriving it of its mobility and potential.
In understanding the concept as an abstract conception of representation, we are led to questions of identity.
The construction of identity (individual and social) occurs largely through representations seeking to objectify the "real."
An interest in communication that occurs through these representations leads us to anthropological and sociological issues that make us think about the image and its relationship with everyday life.

“Everyday life presents itself as a reality interpreted by men and subjectively meaningful to them as a coherent world” (Berger and Lukmann, 1985).

In reflecting on the foundations of knowledge in everyday life we are inevitably led to the field of intentionality, in which consciousness operates in different spheres of reality, depending on the "object" with which we are faced. The understanding of the everyday reality is structured through space and time. The spatial structure is found in interpersonal interactions, referring to a social dimension; while the temporal structure is based on the dimension of consciousness, organised by the existence of the subject in the world and everyday “reality”. These structures - spatial and temporal - make the world understandable through the objectification of the subjective "reality".
The image allows us to question concrete existence, space and temporality. It has an archaeological nature, through which we can think about the past, present and future.

Ricardo Pistola, 2012

Ricardo Pistola was born in S. João da Madeira, in 1980.
He graduated in Plastic Arts – Painting, from the University of Porto Fine Arts School. Since 2001, he has regularly shown his work in individual and collective exhibitions. Currently, he is involved in the “Atelier Viarco” project at the Viarco pencil factory.


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