15 Sep. 2012 // 21 Oct. 2012

Joana Jorge | Faz-de-conta

Sala de Exposições Temporárias | Temporary Exhibitions Room

Joana Jorge

(...) The caprices of Joana Jorge are strangely familiar, despite the origin of the images being denied us by their cumulative effect (the caprice generally makes use of this effect as a strategy of invention). They derive from the misappropriation of images in databases available on the Internet, as perpetual inventories waiting to be chosen to illustrate an article. This illustrative imagery - fashion photography and cinema, video clips and comics - which is usually the model behind the first attempts by beginners in drawing to acquire graphic skills, is also the place where the illusion that images always carry a narrative is created. Unsurprisingly, therefore, the caprices of Joana Jorge are easily associated with an inventory space, like a storyboard that dispenses with the order of linearity, and in whose intervals the complicity and culture of the spectator are summoned. But despite the scale of the papers, her images are difficult to see, as is usually the case with images in drawing. The representations of groups of small figures, alone or interacting, overlap, break off, are cancelled out, in an attitude close to a sketch by their permanent state of irresolution, of indeterminacy, of process - what to do next with these images, taken from the imaginary flow of contemporaneousness? In the constant changes of the substance of the contour and the nature of the line, we recognize the artist's attempts to avoid answering this question.The caprices, due to their proximity to invention, remind us that there are images that escape the meanings that we want to give them, processes whose direction and meaning we cannot decipher. They are the way in which drawing claims the space of an invention outside any rules, where one does not draw because his ideas are clear or wants to have clea ideas. One draws, as Henri Michaux said, to get perplexed all over again...

Paulo Luís Almeida
"A espera", Grafite, lápis litográfico, lápis de cor e acrílico sobre papel entelado, 128,5 x 112,5 cm
"A espera", Grafite, lápis litográfico, lápis de cor e acrílico sobre papel entelado, 128,5 x 112,5 cm
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