30 Jun. 2012 // 31 Jul. 2012

PROJECÇÕES2012 [Drawing for FBAUP]

Sala de Exposições Temporárias | Temporary Exhibitions Room


Drawing is both a noun and a verb.
This duplicity characterises the new contexts in which it is received in modern times, but also its resistance to a single medium or disciplinary definition.
As a noun, it means a practice whose autonomous status is often built on an open, but not subordinate, dialogue with the images and processes of other artistic areas and knowledge.
As a verb, it is part of a conceptual system that filters out certain properties of culture - visual and performative - through the acts it performs to understand it.

“Lugar do Desenho” is, therefore, also a name and an action.
The name of a space that celebrates and honours the figure of its founder, Júlio Resende, thus revealing a practice that cuts across all his work, way of thinking, of discovery and of relationship with the world.
Action, in the sense of creating a place where "dwelling" was, in the seminal expression of Francesco Doni, a way of "entering the drawn line," enabling a plural confrontation between the new landscapes that are opened up to drawing at the crossroads of artistic, scientific and pedagogic practices.
This place of drawing is, therefore, one of sharing sensitivity through drawing.

The project now presented results from an institutional collaboration, but also a natural relationship between the Lugar do Desenho/Júlio Resende Foundation and the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Porto.
This relationship is based on a common purpose: to stimulate a public dialogue about the roles of drawing in contemporary art, science and culture, creating the conditions for this dialogue to be established in a direct contact with the drawings.

We are convinced that the Faculty of Fine Arts is a privileged place for this crossroads, where drawing explores the possibilities of mediation of subjectivity and knowledge, to take place.

Lugar do Desenho – Artistic Boad
Projections 2012

Continuing the joint initiative of Lugar do Desenho – Fundação Júlio Resende and the Drawing Group (currently the Organic Drawing Subunit) of the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Porto, which was curated in previous years by Professors Manuel Casal Aguiar and J. Jorge Marques, we show this year a selection of works by students in the Drawing Practice Course.
If there was a tendency, in previous years of this same cycle of exhibitions, for the main emphasis of the works and the initiative in general to refer us to the idea of Drawing as an autonomous activity, independent of other artistic practices developed by Plastic Arts undergraduates (First Cycle) in other disciplines and also in line with the current syllabus of the Drawing Practice module, in this show, at the initiative of the students and with the agreement of the module teacher, through the work proposals presented in an academic context, a substantial part of the works shown display a willingness to also understand and develop Drawing as an exploratory activity directly or indirectly linked with other languages and/or means of visual expression.
Consequently, this exhibition, while favouring very diverse attitudes and actions, as indeed was happening more and more evidently in the two previous initiatives of this cycle (2010 and 2011), shows drawings side by side with other artefacts which, of course, accurately reflect the persistence of Drawing that asserts itself in isolation, but which at the same time expands its mutant territory as it reveals itself through other means, forms and languages.

Pedro Maia, June 2012

Projections 2012 continues to be a showcase for what is meant by Drawing at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Porto. A central discipline amongst its courses and its history, it is notable as the result of a selection of different approaches in its presentation, its concept and its practice within the college.
If, on the one hand, we must continue to honour its commitment to Lugar do Desenho, whose patron was the most prominent figure in the history of Portuguese drawing, the Faculty cannot be excused from showing its testimony in a moment of balance at the end the academic year, of the spaces for affirmation of intelligence and their ability to act and think, so essential in this regard to the sensitivity of any art student.
I owe a special vote of thanks to Professor Pedro Maia for his dedication and expertise in curating this exhibition. The Board of Directors of Lugar do Desenho also thanks him for his confidence in this agreement and shared initiative to think about the subject that brings us together at this time, and which summons us each year.

Francisco Laranjo
Head of Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Porto
PROJECÇÕES2012 [Drawing for FBAUP]
PROJECÇÕES2012 [Drawing for FBAUP]
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